Our History
We are a music instruction school that
provides musical instrument and vocal
training for all ages, but
specializes in
starting young children
on the path to
musical ability. Our founder, Ms.Catherine,
has over 30 years experience successfully
teaching kids to read and play music.
Our friendly, patient staff of instructors are
industry professionals and will have
singing or playing along
in no time at all !!

Our clean, comfortable studio is still very

conveniently located
3 blocks, North of
the #7 line Queensboro subway station, on
Crescent Street. We are in a family friendly
shopping area that is safe and only one
block from Evangel Christian and  P.S. 112.
Ms. Catherine with Michael , 5 year old piano student.
Music lessons are an investment in your child's future.
Why Individual Lessons are by
far superior to Group Lessons :
The answer is attention to detail and
attention to your child. In a group
environment, everyone's progress is set by
the slowest learner and, with ten instruments
playing at the same time, do you really think
the instructor can hear how your child is
playing ? I don't think so.
Progress is made in individual lessons
because the teacher can immediately hear
what is going wrong and show the student
the correct way to do it. Progress is made.
And financially,
do you really want to waste
your money, if your child is not going to
really learn anything ?
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