Instruction Rates :
$45   60 Min.  Piano/Guitar
$23   30 Min.  Piano
$45   60 Min.  Voice / Others
Start Them Early  ~  Start Them Right

Everyone knows it is better to start learning an instrument
at a young age,
but do you know why?

Because, the formative young brain is receptive to new
skills, the lessons become
imprinted into the brain, making
progress quicker and long lasting. Recently it was shown,
in several medical studies, that music lessons actually
cause the left side of the brain to grow to a larger capacity,
which then boosts a child's verbal skills by 20%.

The ideal age to start a young child on his musical  journey
to playing an instrument is around
5 years old. Younger
children can join rythm/dance play groups but we have
found that, 4 y.o for girls and 5 y.o. for boys, works out

It is the
adult's responsibility to give this gift to a
youngster. Honestly, a young child can not see far enough
into the future to know what a talent and skill it is to be
able to make music for others. They don't want to take
lessons, they would rather play video games. A parent or
grand parent must make the sacrifice of a modest amount
of money and the time to bring the child to his lessons
consistently each week. The reward is a skill that will last a
lifetime, giving pleasure, gaining social admiration and self
confidence ! A truely great gift in so many ways !  
It's Never Too Late !

We have friendly and patient
teachers for all the classes we offer.
Our founder, Catherine Page, has
years experience
teaching adults and Kids to read and
play music! Her son Paul is doing an
outstanding job continuing her work.

Younger students should start their
education with piano or maybe violin ,
for physical reasons, it also makes
learning basic music theory easier.
Teens and adults are only limited by
there determination and willingness
to work at it.
Joining a band, singing
for friends or just doing it for yourself,
making music is a stress buster,
lowers blood pressure and boosts
social skills. It's a fact, People like
People who play music. There's
classical Spanish guitar, acoustic folk,
electric rock, jazz and pop. It's only
limited by your imagination and your
training, and we can provide the best
start possible !
Music Lessons